Join the Club!  It’s easy.  With a Social Membership, for only $100 per year, you’ll have instant access to a great group of people who share your enthusiasm for general aviation!  Attend our gatherings and participate in fly-outs.  There are many great opportunities.  Admit it, you’ve paid more to hang out with worse people!

Full Membership is where fun turns into awesome!  Full Membership gives full access to an Evansville, Indiana based flight club!  To become a member, we require a completed application and $1,000 deposit.  Forms are found on the Docs and Links page along with all of our policies.

Once we have the deposit and application we head to casino!  Actually, we circulate the application to our Board of Directors for approval.  Once approved, you need to be checked out by one of our friendly, club approved instructors (safety first!).  Aircraft check-out info is on the Cessna 182RG and the Docs and Links pages.  If, for whatever reason, the board doesn’t approve your membership or you can’t get past the scrutiny of our evil instructors, we’ll return your deposit in full.  Only when you feel good about everything and officially become a member does your $1,000 deposit become non refundable.

Interested in becoming a member?  You’ve come to the right place.  Contact us.


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