cropped-evv-logo.jpgThe Mission: Grow general aviation in Evansville and the Tri-State.  We want more pilots flying more hours.

Let’s keep this simple.  We offer a fun, practical and cost effective way for pilots to fly.  We surveyed the GA community around Evansville and it was clear what the pilot community wanted in a flying club.  Access to airplanes.  A social environment.  Learning opportunities.  A way to get others into aviation.

EVV Pilots Club has three Tiers of Membership;  Tier 1, Tier 2, and Social.  Tier 1 offers members access to our Cessna 182RG N9076C as well as our Cessna 177 N30632 while Tier 2 is only for the Cessna 177.  The Social Membership is for people who don’t want to fly our airplanes, but want to hang out with other aviation enthusiasts at meetings and social events.  Social Membership is a great deal at only $100 a year!

We utilize online flight scheduling.  For member access to Flight Schedule Pro, click here.

Have a question?  Email us.

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