EVV Pilots Club Inc is a non profit 501c3 organization run by a volunteer board of pilots who want to make things happen.  Come hang out with us.  Laughter will be had.  You’re always welcome at our board meetings and the sometimes social event that follows.

Membership Tiers

Cessna 177       Deposit: $1,000  Monthly Fee: $130  Wet Hourly Rate (Hobbs): $133

Cessna 182RG  Deposit: $1,000  Monthly Fee: $180  Wet Hourly Rate (Hobbs): $191

Social: Hanger Flying  Annual Fee: $100

Board Members

President –  Mike Schultheis         Vice President – Rick Kaskel

Treasurer – Doug Wurmnest        Secretary – Eric Coher

Maintenance – Mike Matisko        Safety – Mark Brugh “Brewski”

Club Approved Instructors

Brad Kramer   Mike Schultheis  Chris Lemon   Cory Scott   Steve Mathews

Steven Barnes

Have a question?  Ask us.


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