Cessna 182RG


Serial number R18200387
FAA Flight Plan Code: C82R/G

Initiation Fee:  $1,000

Wet Hourly Rate (Hobbs): $155

Engine: 235 Horsepower Lycoming O-540-J3C5D
Cruise Speed: (75% power at 7500 ft. altitude) 156 knots (180 mph)
Service Ceiling: 18000 ft.

Fuel Capacity: 75 gallons usable (450 lbs)

Range and endurance with 45 minute fuel reserve (no wind effects)
At 7500 ft: 4.8 hours / 740 nautical miles (850 statute miles)
At 10000 ft: 7.5 hours / 940 nautical miles (1080 statute miles)

Maximum takeoff weight: 3100 lbs
Payload with full fuel: 796 lbs
Maximum fuel capacity: 450 lbs (75 gallons)
Useful Load: 1246 lbs
Empty Weight: 1854 lbs

Always consult the aircraft POH.


Radio Equipment
King KMA20 audio panel/marker beacon receiver
Garmin GNS430W
Communication transceiver
VOR/Localizer/Glideslope/WAAS GPS Navigation receiver
Bendix/King KI209A Nav indicator
Garmin GA35 GPS antenna
King KX170B
Communication transceiver
VOR/localizer Navigation receiver
King KI208 Nav indicator
King KN62 Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
King KT76A Mode A/C transponder with altitude encoder
Cessna 300A Autopilot (single-axis with Heading and Navigation signal tracking capability)
ACK model E-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
3M/BFG/L-3 Systems WX900 Stormscope
Softcomm ATC-4P intercom
Aeroflash anticollision wingtip strobe lights
Cessna tail flasher anticollision light
Carburetor inlet air temperature gauge
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge


Insurance requirements:

The pilot flying the aircraft must have successfully completed the following training for the aircraft:

Any pilot with
– less than 500 total logged flying hours, or
– less than 100 logged flying hours in aircraft equipped with retractable gear, or
– less than 25 hours as pilot-in-command in the same make & model insured herein,

– less than 10 total logged flying hours in the preceding 12 months in the make & model insured, must have successfully completed a Flight Review within the 12 months preceding the flight involved, conducted by a designated club CFI in the same make & model aircraft insured prior to sole PIC operations of the aircraft.


Want to know more?  Just ask.


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