Cessna 177



Deposit: $1,000

Monthly Fee: $100

Wet Hourly Rate: $115

Serial Number: 177-01371
FAA Flight Plan Code: C177/G
Engine: Lycoming 180 Horsepower O-360-A1F6
Cruise Speed (75% power at 7500 ft. altitude) 123 knots (142 mph)
Service Ceiling: 14600 ft
Fuel Capacity: 49 gallons usable (294 lbs)
Range and endurance with 45 minutes reserve (7500 ft, no wind): 515 nautical miles (592 statute miles), 3.9 hours @ 10.0 gph
Maximum takeoff weight: 2500 lbs
Payload with full fuel:  613 lbs
Maximum Fuel Capacity 294 lbs (49 gallons)
Empty Weight:  1543 lbs
Always consult the aircraft POH

Insurance requirements:

The pilot flying the aircraft must have successfully completed a Flight Review within the 12 months preceding the flight involved, conducted by a designated club CFI in the same make & model aircraft insured prior to sole PIC operations of the aircraft.